1. The club shall be called 'CIVIL LINES CLUB, BATHINDA'. It has been set up as a sports wing in Club.

2. The object of the club is to provide sports facilities and to promote social interaction ,recreational and cultural activities.

3. That the club shall be open to members only.Right of admission is strictly reserved: NOTE :-

i) The Spouses and the dependent children of the members shall be entitled to avail facilities provided by the club.

ii) However married or economically independent children of a regular or an rx-officio member shall be considered a separate unit requiring separate independent enrolment.

5. There shall be the following classes of members :-

i) Regular Members :- All existing members previously on rolls of the club as well as fresh admitted members shall constitute regular members of the club.

ii) Corporate Members :- Corporations/industrial concerns are entitled to seek corporate Membership of the club whereby designated Chief Executive of the Corporation/Industrial house/concern shall enjoy the facility of the club as member during his tenure and this membership shall automatically stand transferred to the new incumbent and so on. The subscription fee of the corporate membership shall be higher then those of other categories and shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Club.

6) Admission and subscription rates :-

i) All members ( excluding the honorary members) shall be bound to be prompt in payment of their subscription dues. Delay in payment of two consecutive quarterly subscription fee would attract levy of surcharge @ 10%.

ii) In case of continued default exceeding three subscription instalments a member shall be liable to have his name struck off the for failure to pay subscription may be re-admitted on payment of all arrears plus re-admission

iii) Fee at the rates to be fixed by the Executive Committee of the club.

7) Disqualification of Membership : A person ceases to be member of the club if he incurs the following dis-qualifications :-

i) if he is in continued/presistent default in payment of more than three consecutive instalments of subscription fee .

ii) If he is guilty of any sort of gross undiscipline.

iii) If he involves the club in any sort of litigation.

8) Office Bearers of the Club i) Patron.

ii) President.

iii) Vice President.

iv) General secretary.

v) Secretary (cultural affairs).

vi) Treasurer.

9) The management of the club shall vest is an Executive committee comprising of the office holders mentioned in the last preceeding rule who can future coopt 10 or more additional members as members of the executive committee for assistance in running the affairs of the club.

10) Meetings of the Executive Committee:- i) The executive committee shall meet regularly at least once a month.

ii) 7 members of the executive committee shall constitute the quorum for these meetings.

iii) The president will ordinarily preside over the meeting of the executive Committee and in his absence the patron shall take the chair.

iv) If both are, absent members present shall elect a chairman for the meeting.

v) In the meeting of the Executive Committee all Questions shall be decided by majority of the votes of the members present and voting . Provided that the patron or the president or the chairman of the meeting as the case may be, shall have a casting vote in event of a tie. Voting shall take place in the manner as determined by the chairman.

vi) Business held over at a meeting adjourned for want of quorum shall be presented at a subsequent meeting of which fresh notice of not less then 24 hours shall be given. In such a meeting, No quorum is required.

11) Removal of the office bearers or member of the Executive Committee: Any office bearer or a member of the Executive Committee can be removed on the following grounds :-

i) if he ceases to be a resident of Bathinda. ; or

ii) if he is in continued/persistent default in payment of more than two consecutive instalments of subscription fee. ; or

iii) if he is in continued/persistent default in payment of more than two consecutive instalments of subscription fee. ; or

iv) if he involves the club in any sort of litigation or brings the club into disprepute :

12) A screening committee comprising of 3 members shall be set up the Executive Committee for accepting new members of the club.

13) General Meetings

i) A general meeting of the club shall be held at least once every year wherein regular accounts of receipts and expenditure of the club shall be placed before the House and got approved.

ii) Any other agenda may be taken up and discussed as permitted by the president of the club /chairman in such meeting.

iii) The president or the General Secretary may of his own motion or on the requisition of at least 60 members call a general meeting of the club.

iv) 1/3rd of the total strength of the club shall from the quorum in the meeting of the general house.

v) Business held over a meeting adjourned for want of quorum shall be presented at sub sequent meeting of which fresh notice of not less then 24 hours shall be given. In such a meeting , no quorum is required.

14) That the General Secretary shall record the minutes of meeting both of the Executive Committee and of the general body of the club.

15) A member of the Executive Committee so designated by trhe Executive Committee shall have charge of the clubs property and keep necessary record of the same.

16) The Treasure shall keep regular accounts of the club and maintain the following registers amongst others.

i) Subscription Register.

ii) Cash Books.

iii) Ledger.

iv) Stock Register. 17) Guests are permitted subject to payment of such fee and other restriction and regulations as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.

18) That the club may organise civil or cultural functions. It may also arrange tournaments or seminars However , use of the club premises or facility for politices for political propaganda or functions shall be strictly prohibited.

19) An account shall be opened with any of he Nationalised Bank in the name of Civil Lines Club , Bathinda. It shall be operated upon by any two of the President /General Secretary / the treasure and/or some other member so named by the Executive Committee of the club.

20) TIMINGS OF THE CLUB. The timings of the club shall very during summer and winter season and Executive Committee shall fix the due timings in advance. The timings may be relaxed on special occasions by the Executive Committee.

21) The Lawn premises of the club can be let out for holding oif marriage, religious or social functions.

Members eligibility /Code of conduct /Rates/Article of association

1. The Civil Lines Club has now been in existence for 17years and has established high traditions of decorum good behaviour and etiquette. This has only been possible because of the high standards set for it by the 'Founding members' and the members who have followed. Traditions take a long time to mature and it is necessary that these are preserved and maintained. It has therefore been endeavoured in the succeeding paragraphs to codify the 'Code of Conduct' for members so that these customs and traditions of the Civil Lines Club Limited are maintained and preserved.

Basic Code :

2. (a) Every member of the Club is expected at all times to ensure that the decorum, traditions, and etiquette of the Club are properly maintained.

(b) No member of the club is expected to behave in any manner which is against the interest of the Club, whether while using the Club or outside.

(c) In case any member comes to know of any actions of any other member which are detrimental to the larger interests of the Club, it is his duty to admonish such member and bring this to the notice of the Managing Committee.

(d) Using Club property with due care and regard for its maintenance and upkeep.

(e) To totally eradicate "politics" from club culture.

(f) Don't criticise the Club for the 'Sake of Criticising' Take 'Pride' in your club. Construction suggestions are always welcome. Conduct in dealing with other members :

3. All members are required to maintain proper protocol and decorum while dealing with other members. The following actions are specifically prohibited as against the code of conduct.

(a) Raising voice while speaking to Fellow Members or their guests.

(b) Using rude, impolite and unparliamentary language.

(c) Using threatening language.

(d) Involve in an assault or affray with any other member or club guests.

(e) Unsocial activities in public such as using of cell phones in the hearing of fellow members.

(f) Rash driving, blowing of horn and improper parking. Pedestrians has a right of way in the club premises. 4. Display due respect and regard particularly towards senior/elderly members and ladies. 5. Customary wishing should be encouraged amongst members. 6. While corresponding with the club used courteous language. 7. All members of the Club wear the 'Same club tie' Adopt an helpful attitude towards fellow members, wherever possible both inside or outside the club. Actions with dishonest intentions : 8. All members are required to be honest in all their dealings with Club, staff and other members. Some common misdemeanors are listed below:-

(a) Avoiding signing of guests in registers.

(b) Intentionally signing of chits with wrong name and number.

(c) Tipping waiters and staff with intention of getting personal attention.

(d) Making wrong declarations, wrong scores and such like misdemeanour in game of cards.

(e) Always clear club dues in time. If there is an error in the bill, first pay and then resolve.

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